Marketing Communications

Want to spread the word on your product or service? You can do this by using marketing communications.

I strongly believe that what you offer occupies a position in a given market, and your prospects are looking for solutions that stand out.

To accomplish this, use Marketing Communications to position your offering as a highly visible benefit.

Hire me and I'll write informative copy that will position your brand as the "the only choice."

My articles and other communication pieces are designed to keep readers reading with a killer opening sentence or paragraph.

I do this by thoroughly researching the subject matter so as to create informative and compelling content that mesmerizes readers.

Some of these marketing tools include:

Article: Spreads the word on your product or service. Because articles are a joy to read, your marketing message contained therein will be received with the same enthusiasm. Articles can also be written for various publications, such as your own newsletter.

Blog (Content Marketing): Creates valuable and consistent content that readers won't want to miss. It establishes habit, trust and loyalty, and effectively turns your readers into prospects. This in turn makes it easier for you to turn those prospects into customers.

Audio-Visual Presentation: Streaming video and audio, PowerPoint and DVD that educates prospects on the details of your offering.

Brochure: Elevates your product or service in your prospect's mind to support sales operations. It's useful information on your product or service, and it can be referred to anywhere the prospect takes it. This practically lets you market while you sleep!

Website Copywriting: Website content that explains your offering and ranks well in search engines. Provides a wealth of knowledge to thoroughly guide your prospect.

Case Studies & Press Releases: Tell a story of how your product or service has helped customers or break the news on big developments your company has made. Your prospects will take notice of your offering's impact on the world.

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If you have existing sales literature, then there's a good chance that I can make it even better. Take a look at how I handle Copywriting Editing.