If you're looking to generate more leads or sales, then I can write copy that will turn your prospects into customers.

Here are some of the marketing tools I can write for you:
  • E-mail: Delivers a compelling message that motivates readers to click-through their inbox to your next marketing step. Hire me and I'll make your e-mail the one your prospect wants to read.
  • Direct Mail: Taps into your prospect's undivided interest and presents a thorough and compelling explanation of what you offer. Leading your prospect to the next step is easy when you've got their full attention.
  • Microsite Copywriting: Agile yet robust mini-websites that promotes a specific product or service as distinguished from main website or offering.
  • Advertorial: Your marketing message in article form. Gently informs your prospect like an article yet motivates them to action.
  • Banner Ad: Compact ads that attracts passer-by internet browsers to your product or service.
  • Print Ad: Catches the attention of newspaper and magazine readers. My compelling copy will create customers out of readers.
  • Catalog Copywriting: Informative and compelling offering description that motivates presold prospects to take action.
  • Landing Page: Compact web pages that summarize selling points before asking for e-mail opt-in or sale. This is usually the climax of your marketing campaign.

And if you want to establish brand by keeping prospects informed and involved, I offer Marketing Communication writing. Incorporate this into your marketing strategy for a more soft-sell approach.

If you have existing sales literature, then there's a good chance that I can make it even better. Take a look at how I handle Copywriting Editing.