Top 3 Things You Should Know About Freelance Copywriter Armand Nouri

Armand Nouri is a professional freelance copywriter and marketing communications specialist.

He is dedicated to increasing your quality leads and sales while positioning your offering as the "obvious choice."

Here are some things you should know about Armand:

  • Good credentials
        Armand holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting and a minor in Business                 Communications from California State University, Long Beach.

  • Innovative and curious
       Armand approaches problems with outside-the-box thinking and a genuine            curiosity. He's always on the lookout for fresh angles from which to promote          your offering.

  • Passionate self-educator
       Armand doesn't wait for new marketing applications and copywriting                         insights to come to light. He proactively engages new concepts and                           techniques that will deliver his clients greater results.

But enough about me; let's hear your story. If you need effective copywriting or marketing communications materials, please get in touch. I'm eager to show you how I can help.