How many leads and sales are you not making?
How many prospects are you
not reaching?

Don't hide your product from your prospect!

Hello profit-maximizer,

Are you looking for a new way to grow your leads, sales and brand position?

Do you need the right words to deliver the right marketing message so more prospects respond to your offer and become your customers?

If you are indeed a profit-maximizer, then finding and applying these elements can be the most important thing in your schedule.

Because who has the time and money to wing it and let opportunities go to waste? Or worse, who has the time and money to apply the wrong strategy for months, or even years on end?

Well, some people do. And they tend to be:
  • People with no financial obligations.

  • People with no real vested interest in making money.

  • People with no idea on how to make money.

I have nothing against them personally. They’re just not in the revenue-growth business, and they won’t benefit from what I have to offer. You on the other hand, are different.

Because you're always on the lookout for ways to grow your business and increase of money you take home.
It’s like clockwork to you.

And with this positive attitude, you realize that:
  • the right words and the right offer will get your prospect to do anything.

  • your prospect has a secret “well of desire” for your product.

  • your business grows when your prospect can't live without your product.

Upon realizing these points, now ask yourself these questions:

Have you done the due diligence and perfectly positioned your product to satisfy what your prospect really wants?

And is your offering truly is a "must-have" in your prospect's mind? If you have these elements and the perfect marketing campaign already in place, then feel free to skip this message. Read no more.
But if you believe there’s always a way to do something better, to gain an edge and move up and ahead, then you’re definitely growth-oriented. And this means I know I can help you.

It’s this growth that will give you more market shares, more sales and a larger “tribe.”

And what is your tribe? Your tribe is your customers. They follow you everywhere you go because you have something they want. But this isn’t just any old “something.” Your tribe will be looking for the perfect solution to their problem. The only solution in town, really. And good thing only you will be in possession of it.

Once your product has reached this status, I liken it to being in possession of the only glass of water in a desert, where business is real good!

Wouldn't having that kind of power help add to your bottom line?

The good thing is you can have that kind of power because you have the product; and from there all you have to do is make your product the “answer” to your prospect’s nagging question, the miracle to their suffering.

I can transform your offering into the “answer” by unlocking your product's unique appeal and making it absolutely essential to your prospect's survival.

How will I do this exactly?

By writing fresh and persuasive copywriting that grows your leads, sales and brand position.

And I’ll do this by:
  • Clearly identifying your prospect's aching problem and hand-delivering your product or service as "the common-sense" solution.

  • Positioning you and your business as the "go-to" source for value-packed products or services.

  • Building for you "organic branding" through the honest demonstration of your offering's value.

My clients appreciate how I leverage word power to maximize their product's pulling power, and it shows in the increased response rate they enjoy. 

Are these results worth much to you?

If you think so, then I want to make it worth your while.

Hire me today to write your marketing material and I promise to make a return on your investment above and beyond that of your current marketing.

I also offer a hassle-free copywriter-client relationship and will work with you to get a measurable return on your investment.

And as a bonus, I offer a free project consultation so we can talk about the size, scope and strategy of your project. I also provide two free revisions of the copy I write for you.

If you want to learn more, take please take a look at my portfolio. It includes samples that show how I seamlessly connect product to prospects.

If you want to learn more about marketing materials and how they can help your business, then please look at the services I offer.

You can also get to know me better by visiting my About section.

And if you’d like to get a quote on a project or just ask me a question, feel free to visit my Contact section.

Act now. So we can get started on making your product work harder for you. Your income statement will appreciate the spike in sales--the high return on investment.

Contact me today to secure your spot in my schedule!

Armand Nouri is a Los Angeles, California-based freelance copywriter.